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Fantastic little short

This little clip was enough to get a laugh out of me. The faery conveyed a good range of emotion to convey the story and build up to the inevitable and humorous result.

The dress effect was really nice.

Sinapi responds:

wow thank u so much!!! i loved to read you ;u;

The opening should have been cut

The effort put in for a first flash definitely makes this flash deserve a place in the portal. However, the opening where the fish is drawn almost made me close the movie and blam it. In general, shape tweens should never be used when the tween scrambles things up in the process of changing. Some of the later blood tweens looked ok.
If the movie just opened up with the fish story it would have gone a long way to drawing in the viewer.
The choice of music was good and served as a nice backdrop.

Really great looking

Just the opening scene made me think immediately of the Bitey videos... Its a shame you couldn't get the full version on... perhaps you can request an exception to the limit and put up the full version instead.
I've always liked the Sisyphus story. I think you did a great job illustrating it. While there were parts that could have happened quicker (like the stick breaking) the overall animation and story depth made up for it.
Keep up the quality animating.

CatFat responds:

Thank you soo much for the support

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I'd go for the sounds

The tiny download size is really nice but finding a few sound effects and/or background music would add to the game greatly. A noise to start, when new turrets pop up and when the bunny bites it would be nice. Plus a small looping background song with a frantic feel would add another dimesion to the game.

Nice work though for such a small size.

Not a bad game at all

This was a nice little game and a decent challenge... somethings could stand to be improved to save the movie (I fifened and it only made the score 1.64).
1. The opening screen/instructions... put more care into the art/presentation here. First impressions are important.
2. Have more background than just the white surrounding the different levels... keep things visually changing.

Keep up the good work.

The nipples!

The whole thing really looked great, with alot of variation and stuff beyond dragging clothes. The biggest thing I'd change is the nipples on the base drawings. The are bizarrely low on the womans' breasts on all four pictures. It makes the pics look like the women have saggy boobs. I'd love to see the finished product.

Donkey-kong responds:

lol, thanks for the tip

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nice underlying music to use

The piece contains several different sounds that appear for only a short while, only to be replaced by another quickly after. This gives the feeling of different stages or movements that could easily inspire a different corresponding scene to match the sound while the underlying beat/theme ties everything together. Nice work.

Fadeliss responds:

woah ... thanks. and especially thanks for the indepth review.

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